FasterSkierDecember 22, 2008

Today was the coldest day I have skied in for a long time. When I woke up the temperature was -12F but the windchill was -35F. I decided to wait a few hours before I ventured outside, especially since I only had one workout to do.

Ever since I was little I have had some trouble with the cold. I tend to get frostbite on my fingers toes and cheeks much quicker then those around me. I think I stayed out a little too long, with too little clothing, during cold weather when I was a kid! So today I made sure that I would not get frostbite and I decided to have fun putting on my layers.

Here is a list of the many layers I wore:
Layer 1)Warm Skin (this is a cream that Ann Bancroft used during her Arctic Expeditions) Popular here in the midwest! I put it on my toes fingers and face.
Layer 2)Smart Wool Long Underware Top + Bottom.
Layer 3)Smart Wool Socks
Layer 4)Toko Arctic Training Tights
Craft Windstopper Long Underware Top
Layer 5)Salomon Jacket
Layer 6)Craft Ski Pants
Toko Training Jacket
Layer 7)Toko Training Vest
Layer 8)Balaclava
Layer 9)Buff
Layer 10)Toko Hat
Salomon Classic Boots
Layer 12)Boot Covers
Layer 13)Rudy Project Sunglasses
Layer 14)Nathan Water Bottle Carrier

I also bought some little heat packs for my wrists and in my ski boots.
After I had everything on I quickly went outside to my car, which barely started, and drove to Theodore Wirth Park before I began to overheat.

I was tentatively going to try and ski as long as I stayed warm and felt good! I looked like a marshmallow with a water belt on, but I was warm and happy for my entire 3.5+ hour ski!


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