Swix Racing Service Report: 2009 American Birkebeiner

FasterSkierFebruary 24, 20091

Swix Sport USA had outstanding success at the 2009 American Birkebeiner. A sponsor of the event for more than a decade, elite and enthusiast Birkie participants benefitted from Swix’s straight forward glide & kick wax recommendations, knowledgeable staff and waxing clinics provided in Minneapolis and at the Birkie Expo.

Women racing exclusively on Swix waxes and using Swix poles swept the podium of the 2009 Birkebeiner Freestyle. 5 of the top 5 used Swix Cera Nova waxes and Swix Star CT1 poles! Congratulations to Saab Salomon’s Rebecca Dussault’s impressive victory!

Rebecca’s winning glide wax was as recommended and coincidently, similar to last year where Swix swept both men and women’s podiums. The recommendation was MB77 base wax covered by HF6BW and FC7 Cera F powder as the final overlay. These waxes were chosen for their versatility, which was clearly demonstrated. The HF6BW provided excellent glide in the new drier snow conditions and provided excellent bonding for the 100% cold fluoro FC7. Had we not received the new snow, the wax recommendation would have served equally well as the HF6BW also has fantastic dirt repelling characteristics. Warmer versions of this wax HF7BW and FC7BS were recommended for later wave skiers. Structure, a very important component commonly overly looked, was recommended at .50mm linear with light pressure.

Swix Sport Racing Service was extremely confident in this glide wax recommendation. Beginning on Tuesday morning, Swix Racing Service staff in conjunction with the Saab Salomon Factory Team’s wax technician, Fabien Blondeau, began testing glide and kick waxes. Early in the week HF6BW was running well, as was FC7. These results remained consistent thru the week, even on Friday morning when temperatures were very cold. FC78 SuperCera also showed promise in the older transformed snow. If temperatures came up a bit, this would likely have been our final overlay choice. It was easy feeling confident in these waxes knowing they are hard and durable and run well in the humid conditions found at the Birkie. Running a wax combination that is continuously found on the Nordic & Alpine World Cup was decidedly appropriate given what could have been hard, abrasive, colder and fast conditions or the slower, new snow conditions that materialized.

Swix Sport USA recommended two kick wax recommendations beginning on Tuesday afternoon. These recommendations, straight forward with no “Olympic” secrets, nailed the conditions. If conditions had remained abrasive with no new snow, version one of a KR20 Klister binder covered by VR40 and VR45 was a fantastic kicking and gliding combination. As it turned out, the new snow did put a nice enough cover and cushion to warrant Swix’s posted hardwax recommendation of VG35 base covered with the wonderfully simplistic V40 Blue Extra and VR40 / VR45 kickers. Great waxes, great kick, great durability and no secrets had folks beaming about their skis on Birkie day!

Swix Sport USA is proud to support the American Birkebeiner. Congratulations to all participants and thanks to all race organizers, staff and retailers for a great event!



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  • timg

    February 26, 2009 at 11:17 am

    Gus thanks Swix USA for the wax job on Bjorn’s skis? We’re glad we followed Toko’s recomendation!

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