Attention Skiers Who Knit:

FasterSkierMarch 13, 2009

The Knitters Niche in Marquette, MI has offered to help the XC Ski Alliance for the 2009/2010 season.  This gem of a local yarn shop is doing their part by selling yarns produced in the Midwest and supporting local fiber mills.  Now, they are also reaching out to help local athletes reach their goals.  Please show them your support by checking out their yarn selection.  If you make a purchase from their on-line store, you can use the promo code, “ski” to receive a 10% discount.

Please pass this message on to anyone you know that knits or crochets.  I know that yarns are difficult to pick out over the internet, so here are some of my locally made favorites:

On Line Store Selections:

1.  Stonehedge Fiber Mill Shepard’s Wool- This is a great all-around worsted weight yarn that you can use to make anything.  It is made in 100% soft merino top wool and made in Michigan.  It comes in vibrant, beautiful colors.  You are actually getting 30 more yards here than the normal 220 yard skein.  You can easily knit 2 hats from one skein of this yarn and it ends up being a real bargain.  This is my favorite yarn for color, versitality, texture, and price.  Buy one skein in your favorite color and you will never buy another brands worsted weight yarn again.

2. Triple “R” Ranch Shetland Wool – This is another Michigan yarn.  It is unique because the Triple “R” Ranch does not use any dye!  They have several different natural colors, due to sheep wool variation only.  This is a very raw product that knits beautifully.  My favorite color right now is the black.  The website is often out of stock, but you can usually buy this yarn if you call (906-228-9276). 

Marquette Store Selections:

1.  Winter Sky Shetland’s (not on website yet, but available by phone 906-228-9276)-Read about this U.P. company HERE.  Winter Sky makes beautiful bulky yarns that are hand spun and hand died.

2.  Honeypot Yarns (not on website yet, but available by phone 906-228-9276)-Read about this Madison, WI company HERE.  Honeypot makes yarns of all different shapes and sizes.  What is unique about this company is the beautiful colors.  All yarns are hand painted by a young artist named Jolene Hollenberger.

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