Kershaw’s Korner: L and T

FasterSkierMarch 13, 2009

After the World Championships it was time the show packed up and continued on – like a traveling circus onwards to the next venue, Lahti, Finland. That move signaled the long awaited Spring World Cup session, which consists of 8 races over 3 weeks in 3 different countries. I’ve been racing since the beginning of November, so I was eager to go to Scandinavia and see what’s left in my gas tank before the year is officially over. Spring ski racing is pretty killer – the days grow longer, the birds begin to sing again, and the seemingly impenetrable grayness that settles over so many venues we visit throughout the winter seems to crack ever so slightly. We, the ragged, pale cross country racers soak up the vitamin D like paper towels soaking up spilled juice and that burning star puts a huge smile on all our faces.

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