Short Report from Trond at NCAA’s

FasterSkierMarch 15, 2009

I got an email from Trond Flagstad, head coach of the UAA Nordic Ski Team. Trond sent some last minute skis for a grind before NCAA Championships, and Ultratune shipped the skis directly to Rumford Maine, where they arrived the day before the skate race. A emvery/em last minute arrival of freshly stone-ground /br /The following is a short excerpt from Trond’s email :br /br /span style=”font-family:arial;”emblockquotespan style=”font-family:arial;”emspan style=”font-family:courier new;”Thanks a lot for the skis and the job you did – the skis were a pleasure to work with….br /br /ALL three of our men used their freshly ground skis with the MVX grind in the 20km skate race – they had awesome skis………They went 2, 3 and 5 in the race. We waxed with BD8 and with FC8x on top coated with helix warm. Sadie Bjornsen also used her newly ground MVX skis – she said they were fast!br /br /You can expect skis from us in the spring,br /br /Trond/span/em /span/blockquote/em/spanbr /Results for Men’s 20K,