At work in the pool.

FasterSkierJuly 13, 2009

I haven’t written an update in a little bit but here we go again. The name of the game is still rehab and will be for a while.  While the first weeks of rehab have been pretty slow, things are starting to come together and I am feeling pretty good about what lies ahead.

Last Thursday I was able to toss the crutches aside, a week later than I would have liked but out of my hands none the less.  While the first few steps were a little shaky, I think maybe more from the fear of the unknown, I am moving really well now. Actually I am probably walking the same way I do after an ultra, maybe even better.

After finishing up work in Madison, WI, I headed up to Copper Harbor, MI to watch Lindsey race at the Keweenaw Trail Running Festival.  Last year I won the overall at this event after running the weekend’s three races (10k, Hill Climb, and 25k), it was pretty tough to watch this from the sidelines. It’s kind of crazy that it takes an injury to drive home how much you love to do something. Watching everyone race fired me up to get back to the game, healthier, faster, stronger.  Which brings me to the next topic…


Saturday, after watching everyone run an incredibly difficult 10k, I needed to get in some rehab.  I decided to take pool running to the next level by running in Lake Fanny Hooe against the waves.  The fun would only last for 30 minutes though. The water was brutally cold and I was starting to lose the feeling in my arms. It took a hot shower and another 30 minutes of sitting in the sun to stop shivering.

Today, I was able to get in my first interval workout in the pool.  After a 30 minute warm-up I ran 4 by 3 minute with 2 minutes off level 4. 30 minute cool down.  Level 4 is tough no matter how and where you do it, the pool is no exception.  The intervals went really well and the knee feels even better.  My running form will get a little bit closer to normal on Thursday when I get the o.k. to bend my knee to/past 90 degrees. Currently I am keeping the left leg a little straighter than normal and mimicking real running as close as possible.

Tomorrow is another day of rehab, looking forward to an 1:30 distance session.

Wondering what the hell deep water running is?  Check out the video below.