It’s been a while since I have taken the helm and posted an update.  Truth is, between work and the fact that I can train again, I’m whooped at the end of the day and hold the couch to the floor for an hour or so before heading off to bed. The middle of August I [...]

Well, running this spring couldn’t have been much better. I trained smart, I was feeling fast and had a handful of satisfying results. Then, as most of you already know, I tore up my knee, with the help of my loving mutt, Montana.  It has been a really long road back, mentally and physically,  even [...]

I haven’t written an update in a little bit but here we go again. The name of the game is still rehab and will be for a while.  While the first weeks of rehab have been pretty slow, things are starting to come together and I am feeling pretty good about what lies ahead. Last Thursday [...]

I just got home from my first post op appointment and got to see the pics of what went on inside my knee during the surgery. Pretty cool.  There must have been something on the lens because they are a little cloudy but I was able to see the FastFix anchor that they put in. [...]