Knee Update 8/20

FasterSkierAugust 20, 2009

Well, running this spring couldn’t have been much better. I trained smart, I was feeling fast and had a handful of satisfying results. Then, as most of you already know, I tore up my knee, with the help of my loving mutt, Montana.  It has been a really long road back, mentally and physically,  even though 10 weeks off of running doesn’t sound that long.

Yesterday was my first day back running. Dr. Pearson gave me the o.k. to head out for a 20 minute run. Lindsey came with and helped me focus on something other than thinking about what every heel strike felt like on my knee.  I found myself looking for pain that never came. Prior to surgery, every time I hit the 15 minute mark I would get overwhelming pain, even in the pool.  I knew that I was in a better position when I can run in the pool (intervals, sprints, distance) for as long as I want.

So, I’m back to training. Which is a huge relief.  I have been classic rollerskiing 5 days a week, running in the pool, riding both road and mountain bike and NOW RUNNING.

Over the next couple of weeks I will begin to increase the length of my runs.  I’m hoping to be at an hour by the end of next week and start to increase the intensity the following week.

I’ll keep you updated. The road back should get a lot more fun from here on out.


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