A noble adversary

Jeremy Scott Teela: A noble adversary

It’s official:  The Blog War has begun!  Today I was informed by my teammate Jeremy that my blogging skills suck.  Although I agree with him, I’m a competitive person and not one to back down from a challenge…. So, I’m in.  And the terms:

Hmmm.  Let’s leave it up to you, the viewers.  We could go by “number of website hits” but then I know that Jeremy would just click on his own site a thousand times a day and throw the numbers off.  So maybe we should go with best comments posted by viewers other than ourselves.  What do you think JT? And who will judge?  Maybe we’ll bring a third-party intermediary.

I admit, right now, the odds aren’t looking good for Buck.  JT’s fashioned up quite the site.  He’s got a lot of media stuff on there.  I don’t have Twitting, 1080ip 9er 9er, little images that turn into bigger ones, and I just referred to myself in the third person (not sure if that is a plus or minus).  Anyone know how to post images that will get bigger if you click on them?

For now, I’m going to sit in the peloton, bide my time and wait for the later stages.  This is going to be a long and drawn out battle between two of the greatest blogging minds of our modern times.  A test where the winner will reap the benefits of fame and fortune, international noteriety, and tens of webpage hits, while the loser will be left to clean up the broken pieces of a shattered blogspace.  It’s on.

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