Edvald Boasson Hagen with advice to Birkebeiner Racers

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Edvald Boasson Hagen (Photo Credit: Geir Nilsen / OPN.no)

Original Author: Ola Jordheim Halvorsen, Source: langrenn.com

The cycling king believes that active endurance racers go way too fast during OD sessions.

“If you want to improve your placing on the results list I believe most would do well to distinguish between easy and hard workouts,” says the Team Columbia rider, “and pay special attention to the OD sessions.”

“Going hard until you taste blood in your mouth is not a problem. It is worse to hold the intensity down during a three hour workout, but I understand at the same time that going easy is also an art.”

Skiing a lot

He knows what he’s talking about. He’s been active in cross country since he was 15 years old, but eventually biking became more interesting. And, over the last seven years he has built up an impressive resume crowned with two stage victories in the Giro d’Italia, an individual and a team race.

In spite of all the cycling he finds time to get in plenty of skiing in the winter.

“I have ski sessions that last around three to five hours,” says the 22 year old to langrenn.com, emphasizing that these sessions are really easy.

“I never win a ski session,” emphasizes Edvald, who after moving to Oslo last winter has discovered the fantastic training possibilities the Nord Mark has to offer.

“Ja, I have to say that I like being in the area around Kikut the most. I can train there for hours and never go on the same trail,” he stressed, adding that all of his ski training is in the classic style.

“Skating is completely Greek for me.”

Edvald has it right

Out of the 13,172 who were in the Birkebeiner last year, there are plenty that can benefit from Hagen’s training tips. One of them is Nils Soldal from Fana Idrettslag (Sports Team). the 57 year old has completed the Birkebeiner ten times and has received a “mark” in five. He is what you might call and “average Birkebeiner.”

“I must admit that I can’t always stick with his wife,” laughs the man from Bergen.

“But time goes by the fastest when I train with friends. Edvald has it right, we ‘Birkebeiners’ hate to lose the long trips.”

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