Ironwood, MI Camp

FasterSkierAugust 23, 2009

The CXC Team Vertical Limit just finished its fourth camp of the year in Ironwood, MI.  I have spent a lot of time in Ironwood, but never in the Summer time.  I was pleasantly surprised by how good the training was there.  There are lots of giant hills with very little traffic.  We stayed at the Wolverine Village, directly across from the Wolverine ski trails.  Bob and Debbie were our hosts and they treated us very well, including cooking beautiful Italian meals for us a couple of times.

I’m back in Marquette now doing some working and training.  The 2009 Fall semester starts next week and I will be taking the last class I need for my Master’s Degree in Exercise Science.  It is a one credit Lab course on VO2max.  Since school is starting, all the NMU skiers are back in town and there are lots of people to train with.

Photos from Ironwood camp (courtesy of Audrey Weber, I think):


Garrott, Carl and Bryan on an OD Skate ski


Garrott, Carl, Gregg and Bryan doing L-3 skate intervals

Picture 088ed

Maria, Jessie, Kelly and Audrey doing a mock classic sprint race


Kristina, Jessie, Kelly and Maria enjoying Lake Superior


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