Kate WhitcombMarch 14, 2010
Spring has come with an hour lost – good thing I got a solid 10 hours sleep, regardless. Bad thing that my tulips, crocus and hyacinth have already started to come up (I told them not to). They now have 5 inches of snow over them.

Me and the boys (Cam, Billy, Kent, Brian & Mike)

I have had the chance this spring
to get up on the hill with my buddies and spend some extra time with my 5th graders. I still have fatigue and a sporadic chest cough from my virus (2 months running) but I am okay with taking the extended break. After 6 solid years of ski training and racing, I need a bit more than 2 weeks off this spring.

I hiked powder yesterday with a girl friend (Kate Underwood) and am paying the price today (hence sleeping until 10 and waking up coughing again). I am hot tub bound with my pot of green tea to soak up some of this Sun Valley sun momentarily.

With the spring comes cleaning and maintaining. My car, Justy, is in the shop. Some water has leaked into the dash and has made some of the circuits wonky. I am not fixing that however – what I am fixing is the gas leak. Loose circuits don’t play nice with gas leaks (that’s the college education talking). So Justy (pictured below) is getting a new gas tank. Unfortunately they don’t make a 7.5-gallon Justy tank from 1988 anymore (the nerve, I know) so he is getting a 5-gallon bladder. The 11-gallon, which would have been SWEET on our 52 mpg streak wouldn’t fit. I will still be able to go over 250 miles on a tank and since Justy is a bit beyond long off-road adventures currently, I think we will be okay.

Kate + Justy forever: a portrait by brother Jake

I am also moving, as you know from my post previous. I have visited Aspen, Carbondale, Crested Butte and Boulder from Colorado; Bozeman, Livingston, Billings and Red Lodge (I love Red Lodge) from Montana. On my list of considerations are also the Burlington area of Vermont and… well, I am trying to narrow it down. Thank you for all of the suggestions (comments, emails and phone calls alike).

More to come as it becomes clear to me. Until then, enjoy everyday like it’s your last – It’s spring-time baby!

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Kate Whitcomb

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