BrianApril 9, 2010

I spent the past weekend in the Big Apple.  I really have never lived in a big city so everything was pretty new to me.  Experiencing such a different lifestyle was fun and a great way to mentally recover and relax after the race season.

Enjoying some $1.99 pineapple on the 8hr train ride

The train was a great way to arrive into the city.  The final part of the journey is underground and it was really quite the entrance to finally pop above ground at see daylight at Penn Station.

Time Square (for Chad)

Running around Central Park

An 843 acre park in the middle of such a metropolis is really quite incredible.  There were thousands of people out enjoying the park.  It is my understanding the the park is entirely landscaped including the rocks, streams and lakes.  Read more at

Fantastic Fruit, the best deal we found were strawberries for $1

I think I may have been the only one in the City wearing a Toko drink belt, or fanny pack.

I have always wanted to see a Broadway musical

Broadway shows are expensive, even at 40% off from the discount booth at Time Square.  A tough decision for those living on a budge but an incredible experience to have at least once.

Didn't make it to the Empire State Building to see this guy swatting planes. Maybe next time…

New York is indeed the city that never sleeps.  The trip was great mental recovery but it feels good to be back in Hayward, get plenty of sleep, and eat oatmeal.  Visiting the big city was fun but it is good to be home.

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