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FasterSkier FasterSkierApril 8, 20103

Polish cross-country skier Kornelia Marek has been banned for two years by the Polish Ski Federation.  Marek tested positive for the banned substance EPO following the women’s 4x5km relay at the Olympics.  Marke skied very well at the Olympics – a level above anything she had done before.

Following a positive A sample, Marek denied any wrongdoing, but has now issued an apology to her fans and has stated her intention to race at the 2014 Games in Sochi.

Marek’s Olympic results have been struck from the books.

According to the Canadian Press, Marek intially told the disciplinary committee that she was given injections by trainer Vitali Trypolski to speed recovery in Whistler.  She claims to not have known the contents of the injections.

After the initial announcement of the positive A sample, coach Wieslaw Cempa told Polish press that he did not believe the Kornelia acted knowingly based on her reaction to news of the positive test.



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