Busy Time Of Year.

FasterSkierJuly 12, 2010

To put it mildly the summer is super busy. It seems as though there are commitments everyday of the week, this week, next week, last week, every week. It sounds funny and maybe crazy but to be good really good you have to make a commitment a commitment to get better each and everyday!

(Warm-Up obstacle course)
The summer though seems to try to add other commitments vacations, weddings, late nights, and all the things that seem to happen over the summer. I guess it is a good thing in some ways since we compete over the winter when everyone else seems to go in to hibernation. For the most part everyone has been dealing well with all of the commitments and some even seeming to excel. For some the commitment may be only 3 days a week when we meet as a group for others it might be 7 days a week. It seems as though the entire U.S is stepping up it’s game and in by doing so there are a lot of opportunities to share your commitment with others.
(Dinner at Charlie’s on our way to Craftsbury Salmon, Venison, and Caribou!!)
Most recently I had the opportunity to attend the NENSA REG Camp in Craftsbury Vermont. It was an amazing opportunity, and i’m glad that they extended it to include some of us from Mid-A. Not only was I able to be a part of the camp but so were three athletes Reed Likly, Elizabeth Izzo, and Charlie Bencze. Everything at the camp was amazing the coaches, the athletes, the accomidations, the weather, I mean everything. I have been to a lot of camps as both a coach and and as an athlete and this was without a doubt the best. It is not a surprise that New England has brought home the Alaskan Cup the last couple of years and that they are also well represented on the USST. There is a level that has been set in New England and everyone is trying to get to that level. Pretty sick stuff !! A big thank you to NENSA for letting us take part. For more on the camp check out http://www.nensa.net/index.html For more info on Craftsbury and the Green Racing Team check out http://www.craftsbury.com/skiing/nordic_center/home.htm
This week some of the R.N.R gang has invaded the OTC in Lake Placid for the NYSEF camp. They will be home next weekend and on Thursday a bunch of will be leaving for New Paltz for another camp! Three Camps in less than a month! Commitment!!
On a side note I recently drove out to Oklahoma City with my dad to pick up his new Stratos Bass Boat. It was a 20hr trip one way from the HF. We left Friday morning at 9am and I was back here Sunday at 1:00pm. We even stopped at my Grandmothers for breakfast Sunday Morning! I got to see some cool things along the way. The St. Louis Arch, Busch Stadium, Lucas Oil Stadium, and above all other the World Headquarters for Bass Pro in Springfield Missouri. Most of you know how much of a country guy I am and it was like heaven on earth. We only got to stop for about an hour so I need to go back for sure. You could spend a week in that place and not get see everything. Pretty sweet place.
Keep it real and keep the commitment going! I’m off the practice !
(It’s hot here in NY as well)


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