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Garrott KuzzyJuly 23, 2010

This may be the only website where a post about the benefits of barefoot running is followed by a post about the excitement of stock car racing. . .

Our July Camp wrapped up last weekend and Brian, Karl, Eric and I decided to take a 24 hour adventure up to the Chequamegon Peninsula on Lake Superior.  The trip included a run (and several detours getting lost) on the Ojibwe CAMBA trail in Cable, followed by pizza at the Ideal Market.

Ominous skies loomed overhead, but we disregarded our instincts and the weather forecast and decided to head north to Ashland for the Saturday night Stock Car races at ABC Raceway.  Stock car racing on the 1/8 mile Red Clay oval offers the 8-cylinder, muffler-less, 80 mph thrill that just can’t be matched by a 10km course.  Each of us picked our driver to win.  I didn’t have a choice, but to cheer for the number 1x  uzzy car whose first letter had been rubbed off by someone else’s bumper, but sure looked like the #1 Kuzzy car to me.

Racing was cut short by the late night thunder storm, but we still caught some Super Mod racing, which is always a highlight at a night of racing.

The next morning, we woke to cool weather and clearing skies.  Perfect for a little breakfast on Lake Superior, largest freshwater lake in the World.

Our roller ski up County Road C included dirt, a 45 minute climb (yes, even in Wisconsin!), and fresh blueberries on the side of the road.  What a treat.  The best part was cooling off in the big lake afterwards.

On the way home, we refueled at the Delta Diner in Delta, Wisconsin.

Eric’s got a great recap of our experience at the Diner here.  Needless to say, everything on the menu looked great after a 3 hour roller ski.  I made the resolution to try everything on the menu at some point, so I will definitely be back soon.

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Garrott Kuzzy

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