Wausau Junior Camp: Storm Strength

BrianJuly 20, 2010

After last week’s speed block I am ready for a few recovery days and am taking a few days to work with my Adopt-an-Athlete community in Wausau, WI.  It is fun for me to take a break from focusing on my own training and coach the next generation of athletes.

A little rain only makes ski practice more fun

Gotta love dead-end roads with no houses

Tracy Gorzek does an excellent job working with the Wausau juniors year round.  Igor has been spending 1-week/month in Wausau this summer too and you can tell that everyone is getting good.

Ashley, Emily, Anna, Paige, Tracy, Anna, Erin, and Megan not afraid to work on full weight transfer even if it means a few scrapes and bruises

Ashley getting forward and more comfortable

Teammates and competition help make you stronger

Training needs to be fun

… and creative (Russian Balance Wrestling)

Who wants to train tomorrow?

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