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Garrott KuzzySeptember 10, 2010

On Wednesday, the CXC Elite squad made our annual pilgrimage to Kozeluh Family Dentistry in Minocqua.  As athletes on a budget with minimal health insurance, Dr Dave Kozeluh’s sponsorship of the CXC Team is perhaps the best sponsor we’ve got.  He cleans our teeth and keeps our smiles bright for when we stand on top of the podium.  If you live near Minocqua and are looking for a great dentist that supports skiing, be sure to give Dr Koz a call.

In return for the clean teeth, the CXC Team athletes hosted a roller ski clinic at Premier Physical Wellness in Minocqua for local skiers of all abilities.  Dr Jim Mullen always helps us draw a big crowd.  Coach Gus Keading set up a challenging obstacle course, similar to the ones that we practice on regularly.

Wayne Fish, father of legend Bryan Fish, tests out his balance and his new hip while skiing backwards through the obstacle course

Will has fun showing off his skills on the course

Resistance training

Gus set up three stations to work on various aspects of skiing: Gregg led the plyometric station, teaching the basics of the “V2 Hop Skate.”  Karl led the power station, working on resistance training.  Jenny helped work on balance, having contests to see how far skiers could balance on one ski.

Jenny Bender helped Tim prepare for the Birkie

The highlight of the clinic was Pam Schoville’s Apple Bars and Rice Krispie Treats.  She wanted to make sure that Dr Koz stayed in business, so she brought some extra sugary snacks to share with the group.  What a treat!

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Garrott Kuzzy

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