Which Toko Glove is the Right One For You

FasterSkierDecember 21, 20101

Thermo WS Gore

Thermo WS Gore – Our best overall glove. This is a super warm, yet not bulky glove made with the finest materials for an optimal warmth to bulk ratio. Despite the glove’s warmth, it is super breathable and can be worn comfortably in warmer weather as well. Features: Windstopper fleece on back of hand, Clarino palms with silicone “grip”, box fingers, and cuff pull tab.


Champion – Lightweight Racing Glove. This glove is made with a softshell material which makes it windproof, yet still is very thin and offers a super feel and contact with the pole. For people with good circulation, this is the glove worn 90% of the time. Features: Windstopper Softshell material, Clarino palm with silicone “grip”, box finger construction, and anatomic airprene cuff.

Thermo Plus

Thermo Plus – Price point cold weather glove. This glove is almost as warm as the Thermo WS Gore, but costs 30% less. Features: Clarino palm, box finger construction, Thinsulation insulation, Terry cloth thumb, and pull tab on cuff.

Arctic Mitt

Arctic Mitt – Extreme cold. This split finger mitten is very warm, but still not so bulky that they are difficult to get through pole straps. The Arctic Mitt also has finger inserts to the first knuckle only which make rewaxing, corking, putting straps on and off, applying or removing skins, etc easier. Features: Clarino palm, knitted cuff, Terry cloth thumb, Thinsulate insulation, and a additional laminated Thermaloft fleece insulation.


Mitten – Extreme cold weather. These mittens are our warmest option. One distinguishing feature about them is that they have thin fuzzy finger inserts which some people like and others do not like. The idea is that the fingers are together and still share warmth which is enhanced by the fleece inserts. Features: Clarino Palm, Terry thumb, knitted cuff with pull tab, Thermolite 100g insulation (sleeping bag insulation), additional laminated Thermaloft insulation, and a windproof YK Ripstop outer layer.

As always, all Toko gloves carry an unconditional one year warranty and can be thrown in both the washer and the dryer.

Field Report from CXC Elite Team

CXC Team race report from NorAM Races in Silver Star, British Columbia:

Temperatures in the mid-20s (or single-negative Celcius digits, as they do it up in

Canada) made waxing for Saturday’s classic sprint easy. Our skis were rockets, with base coats of HF Blue and Moly mixed 1:1, with Jetstream Red powder topping the sprint glide. Jennie Bender kicked and glided to a 3rd place, with Jessie Diggins in 5th and Bryan Cook in 8th.

For Sunday’s distance skate, we basically replicated the sprint day’s glide, though the addition of HelX Red made a huge difference. Brian Gregg skied to 3rd place and Garrott Kuzzy 7th, while the women did extremely well — Caitlin Compton 2nd, Brooke Gosling 3rd and Jessie Diggins 4th by 0.2 seconds.

Jason Cork, Head Coach, CXC Elite Team

Thanks to Rob Whitney for the awesome photo


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  • muskegflyer

    December 22, 2010 at 8:48 pm

    Those double layers on the thumb are deceiving. Great that there is a double layer in the wear zone but under the first layer is a seam in the worst possible place which causes both skin irritation and excessive wear.

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