Toko: Field Report from Nationals

FasterSkierJanuary 11, 20111

Field Report from the MOD Squad

I wanted to report how the week here in Maine went for the MOD skiers.  It was a super week for us results wise with Torin’s two wins along with a 5th place and Sam’s 9th place in the skate sprint yesterday.

As you are aware it was a tricky wax week with temps fluctuating in big swings on several of the race days. We were testing multiple brands of waxes every day.  We ended up racing on Toko for both of Torin’s championship days.  Were we consistently finding the HF Blue base layer to be our winner and we mixed Nordlite XCold Powder in during yesterday’s sprint.  For top coats we mainly used the Jetstream block.  For the warm day of the Classic sprint we used the Yellow block and for the Skate Sprint the Blue block was the wax for the colder conditions of the morning qualifier while we warmed it up a bit for the afternoon heats.


Scott Johnston, Head Coach MOD

Lukas Bauer after winning the final stage of the 2011 Tour de Ski. Photo: Toko.

Bauer Wins Final Stage of Tour de Ski

Lukas Bauer stormed to the fastest time up the Alpe Chermis winning the final stage and finishing 3rd overall in the Tour de Ski.

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