Adventure Ski Season

FasterSkierFebruary 22, 2011
There is nothing better than nailing a perfect little adventure ski in Vermont.  This winter has been abnormal in the way of having relatively stable temperatures and tons of low density snow.  Last week we had a warming event that finally transformed a dreamlike amount of New England Powder into denser, but no less spectacular pack.  Touring centers with heavy duty grooming equipment can make the most perfect trail surface right now.  Off trail skiing offers a supportive, yet breakable crust — and two nights ago we got a nice frosting of fluff to cover…

A highlight of our yearly Flex Term sessions is the Adventure Ski.  Depending on current conditions we seek to find a route that will offer challenge, a sense of completing a journey and if at all possible — euphoric descents.  Due to the firm underlying snow I chose to take a group of three boys on a VAST Snowmobile Tour.  Over the course of thirteen miles we traveled through pieces of Catamount Trail, the Rikert Touring Center at Breadloaf, Blueberry Hill Trails and the VAST.  Thank you Elliot, Parker and Nathanael for a spirited adventure!

Our route followed the 7A Corridor from Junction AN 13 to the Parking area on Route 53 along Lake Dunmore.  The route rolled and climbed up to Sugar Hill Reservoir, before dropping south of Mt. Moosalamoo.  At that point the fun began as the trail descended alongside Sucker Brook, complete with a final plummet at the Falls of Lana. 
Sometimes adventures don’t seem quite like adventures if you have a map … but the Vermont Snowmobile Trail Map is a great resource for cross-country skiers.  On VAST Trails it is nice to have a map as signage is sometimes vague and it’s often a long way between junctions.  Always a good idea to consult the map at major junctions to keep your piece of mind.

Parker and Nathanael taking a snack break mid-climb up a “Monster.”

Elliot and his handy tow strap — a valuable safety and instructional tool for  younger skiers who might not otherwise be able to join such a challenging ski.

Elliot charging the downhill into Sugar Hill Res with alacrity. 

Parker chased freshies along the entire trail.

Absolute freedom.  Catching some rare air with skinny skis — does it get better?

Lining up a technical descent.

Yup, it’s gonna be a good day.

Climbing out of Sucker Brook at the Sugar Hill Dam.

Sugar Hill Reservoir with Worth Mountain in the backround.

Face shots are often hard to come by in Vermont — here Elliot works hard to get some.

Signs at the destination.

Welcome to the mix Tank.

Enjoying some touring last week in Granville Gulf before the powder transformation.
Leah, Noah and Rafter enjoying some quality time along the Route 100 corridor.

Leah and Valentina keeping it light at the Flex Term wax session.

Hans and Jackson getting some local press for skinny skiing in the Valley.

Life is good.  The snowpack is perfect.  Get out there and get some!


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