Toko: American Birkebeiner Wax Tip 2011

FasterSkierFebruary 22, 2011

Race Wax Recommendations for the Masters Cross Country Ski World Cup 2011 will be posted on Here is a direct link to the page.  They will also be tweeted (TokoUS) and posted to the Toko US Facebook page.

American Birkebeiner Wax Tip 2011

Here it is

Sorry!  Not going to make it!

On a personal note, I am really sick.  For this reason, I will not be able to make it out to the Birkie this year.  (I have no voice, cold sweats, coughing spasms, etc).  There will be a team of knowledgeable, experienced, and helpful Toko Technicians there to help you, so our service will not lapse.

However, I will miss my annual visits with so many Birkie friends that I only see once per year who appreciate my help on a personal level.  I have developed a friendship with a great many people during our visits over the years.  It is a strange thing, but it is possible to form a friendship with people with whom you visit with just one per year (over the past 15 years).  That’s what I am going to really miss – checking in with my Birkie friends.  Good luck!


2011 Mora Vasaloppet champion Matt Liebsch. Photo: Marybeth Liebsch.

Field Report from the Winner – Mora Vasaloppet

Ouch! It was not a big wax day.  It was all about structure.  It was probably the slowest snow I have ever skied on.  They groomed on Thursday and then it snowed on top of the course a 1/2 inch and then it warmed up from 27 at the start to 42 at the finish.  Santi, Swank and I choose not to add structure/or not enough structure at the start and after about 30km our skis were terribly slow… death march.  I know Nikolai Anikin used Toko Jetstream Red and put in a healthy dose of structure and he had good skis.  If you did not have structure/correct ski flex the skis were not moving at all.  My only saving grace was at 8km to go the trails merged together and my skis started to glide again.  I had just enough in the tank to get a gap and hold it to the line.  Important lesson of the day; always bring a structure tool with you to the start of a race; it may come in very handy.

Matt Liebsch

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