Classic Day at Jr Nationals

Sverre CaldwellMarch 9, 2011

J2 boys start. This was the first race of the day with an 8 am start time, but it didn’t seem to hurt the NE kids. Hamish took the win and Tyler was 2nd.
It was the begiining of another great day for New England and the SMS kids. You can find results on line..but here is a quick recap for our kids (and alums). Tyler 2nd, Brooke 3rd, Paddy 18th, Charlie 20th, Austin Cobb 5th, Bridger 8th, Skyler 10th, Austin Caldwell 22nd, Heather 3rd, Hallie 7th, Cam 8th, Rachel 23rd, Issy P 34, Izzy C 4th, Hilary 10th, Gage 17th. Wow…another 10 all-americans for SMS :).
David Sinclair and Skyler round the corner in the lead. David put on a big spurt to start the 2nd lap and built up a 45 second lead over the middle 5 km. He then cruised to victory.
Chris stock rounds the tear drop at 4.5 km. You can see the leaders climbing the hill on the left and the big chase pack streaming down the hill on the right.
The J1 girls at 4.6 km. They stayed together until 8km, then Corey put the hammer down and no one could keep up.
OJ girls at 1/2 km. They were the last race and waxing was done so they get top billing with pictures today.
The lead pack at 2.5 km…it’s about to break up.
MK and Jen at 5 kms.
Hilary powers into the stadium 1/2 way through the race.
Jesse Diggins skied easily in 2nd for 3 kms and then put the hammer down. Her strong move busted the field wide open and turned the race into a chase fest.
MK and Annie hammer over a hill at 7.5 km.

OJ girls podium.

Sverre Caldwell

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