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Avatar Sara StudebakerMarch 4, 2011
Greetings from the cold north!

World Championships is underway with last night’s mixed relay. It was a mixed bag for me, with great skiing and mediocre shooting, but it was a good way to find my race legs again and get psyched for Saturday’s Sprint race. Having to use 5 extra rounds didn’t set the team up very well, but my team had an overall solid day, finishing 13th. Feeling so good on skis gave me confidence going into tomorrow, and hopefully the shooting will go a bit smoother!

Opening Ceremonies in the stadium.

Out on course in Khanty.

Siberia has been fun so far. Warmer than anticipated weather and sunny days have allow us to really enjoy the World Championships atmosphere. While this definitely isn’t Central Europe and far from the US, the differences aren’t too stressful. Military presence around the whole venue is perhaps the most obvious change, but for the most part the guards are friendly, even stopping me on my ski today to ask to take a picture together!

A beautiful (and huge!) Russian Orthodox Church just down the road from our hotel.

A view over Khanty-Mansyisk…then out to the Siberian tundra!

The adventure continues with the Sprint and Pursuit races this weekend. I’m looking forward to both-hopefully my luck from Maine has followed me almost halfway around the world!



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