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FasterSkierMarch 9, 2011
After leaving the wax cabin this afternoon, it seemed hard to believe that we are halfway through Junior Nationals.  All season we’ve been talking about skiing fast and looking forward to Junior Nationals and positive attitudes.  The last few days have shown just how important that all is — and how success builds on success.
Here is Heidi after her third place finish in the J2 Sprint having an, “I CAN DO IT!” moment.

Through 2 of 3 individual races at the 2011 Junior Nationals all of our GMVS skiers have had top-20 results.
Hans Halvorsen was 15th in the J1 Sprint and Ryley Walker was 19th in the OJ 15km classic.

You might remember this guy — David Sinclair ’10 — who finished the year ranked 11th in the EISA Ranking in his freshman year at Dartmouth.  Here he is after winning the B Final in the OJ Sprint.  David epitomizes the “can do” attitude — in typical Sinner fashion his post race words were, “I felt really good in that one.”  When David says that the competition better watch out.  Keep reading.
Heidi on the podium at the J2 Flower ceremony with some of the company that is raising the bar in New England.  On Monday evening, Brooke Mooney and Cate Brams were right there too — looks a lot like an Eastern Cup Podium.  Sometimes it feels tough to be the 3rd or 5th Junior in your Regional Races — you gotta believe and remember the Big Picture.
In the Wax Cabin post race Monday — David and Elena with two top ten smiles.  7th and 10th on the day.
Go Gumby.
Tonight was the first award ceremony at the Marriot.
How about the J1 performance.  Rachel Hall, Cam McDermott, Heather Mooney, Corey Stock and Tara Gerathy-Moats.
The Swiss Miss in good company with Alaska and Warren, VT’s  own Olympian,  Caitlin Compton.
David and Chris Stock taking it in.
Skyler Davis had his first Junior National victory on Monday.  His success is helping other New Englanders raise the bar and realize where hard work and self confidence can get you.
A good Vermont grouping on the stage — Austin Cobb, Peter Hegman and Bridger Tyler.
How about Hilary Rich making a season breakthrough with a sixth place finish in the OJ Sprint!
More local talent in the pipeline — Sam Merrens and Ben Hegman.
Heidi skied the smartest race of her season to date and she improved her placement.  Silver Medal in the 5km Classic!!  Absolutely fantastic effort out there today.
Again in excellent company.
Tom Rabon with the top New England finish today in the J1 Boys Race.  
Eli Hoenig has been a force all season — today he was in the hunt with the Nations best.
Elena all smiles as she receives her 6th place medal from Compton and gets a little reinforcement that she is making progress, not only in sprinting, but also in distance.  Again, “I would have never thought I can ski a good 10km classic.” Of course you can!  Remember that next time your digging deep.  Simple goals for today:
 1. Be tough in the head.
2. Keep the hips up.
And again in company with those she’s been battling all season.  Hallie Grossman finished right behind Elena in 7th.
Vermont Crew: Hegman, Tyler and Davis making a Pat Madden Sandwich.
Pat had the best applause of the evening with the typical PNSA “slow-clap.”
You can bet Mr. Husaby was proud of his boy!
Sinner left the competition in the rear view today.  Like he said, “I felt pretty good out there.”
How about the OJ’s.  Annie Hart, Midwest and US Star Jesse Diggins, Rutland’s Mary Kate Cirelli, Isabel Caldwell and Kelsey Hoar.
And a few more New Englanders: Emily Atwood and Hilary Rich.
Hard to read the numbers, but we’re doing OK as a region.
Stay humble, believe in yourself and keep doing what your doing — it’s working!!


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