Pate NeumannJuly 27, 2011

I have not disappeared, fallen off the face of the earth or been hiding under a rock… Nope! I have been training hard, working my butt off and enjoying a wicked Canmore summer in the Rockies! Since my last update, we have had 3 training camps, a testing week and some easy weeks. The first training camp since I updated everyone was a 4 day trip to Kaslo. I took the opportunity to get a little time in on the motorcycle and road by bike from Canmore, meeting the team and all the gear in Kaslo. The camp was focused around a 216km road ride known as the Silver Triangle. The ride began in Kaslo, and headed up over a pass to New Denver, then south to Nelson, and then back up to Kaslo.

(Counter clockwise starting from the upper right hand side of the map below)

It was a pretty amazing ride, taking just under 7 hrs to complete. The rest of the camp was spent roller skiing, (heading from Kaslo up over the pass to New Denver is one of the best double pole roads I have ever skied!) eating and sleeping. This camp was also the first time the whole team had been together this year, so we celebrated by having one of our by-annual AWCA baseball games. Overall it was a great camp; good training, fun atmosphere, neat town.

The next few weeks were filled with regular training around Canmore. I was lucky enough again this year to house sit for the Lavoie – Jones family. That also meant taking care of their amazing dog Skoki. Skoki became my training partner for the month, accompanying me on long runs, hikes and the odd mountain bike. Below are some pictures of a hike Emma and I did the Skoki and Max (Emma’s dog) in Canmore. We headed up Ha Ling peak, and once we reached the saddle, went right and went to the top of Miners Peak. As you can see by the pictures below, it was another sweet day in Canmore!

On the saddle before heading up to Miners (right)

Max and Skoki waiting for the slow humans.

Looking down on the Bow Valley from Miners.

Emma and Max
Miners Gully. You could still ski it on rock skis!

Skoki enjoying herself.
The next team training camp was our trip up to the Haig Glacier. The AWCA team split up our camp over two weeks, spending 4 days up at altitude on the glacier, coming down for 4 days, back up for 4 and then down for 4. (This has been referred to as a yo-yo camp)

The guys getting ready to leave the trail-head for the run in.

This is what the run into the camp looks like on Google Earth. We start at the perking lot between Upper and Lower Kananaskis Lakes, and end 18km later at the green bubble dot which is the base camp. From the green bubble dot up is the hike we do to the glacier every morning.

This is what the loop we ski on the glacier look like!

Another aerial view, just because I think this program is super cool!! Thanks to Barb Campbell who is still “loaning” me her Garmin Forerunner 305. I record everything on that and then upload it into Garmin Training Centre and then export everything into Google Earth.
This is a photo from the run in. There was still quite a bit of snow down low.

Kate, Janelle and Marlis hiking up to the Haig from base camp on a sunny morning.
Academy girls
Evan Bruce, one of the Haig Glacier attendants working hard digging a hole.

Skiing above the clouds in sunshine at 2700m (8850ft)
During both glacier camps we had a mixed bag of weather. Sunshine one day, snow, rain, hail and sleet the next. The skiing remained good throughout the two weeks, and we all accomplished a lot physically and technically. Big thanks goes out to Stef, Chris and Eric (our AWCA coaches for the camp) for putting on such a good show and keeping us athletes happy!
Another big highlight of the past month was the 2 week visit from my dad! He was able to take some time off work and come out and help me house sit. We had two full weeks to hang out, do some exploring and relax! I am pretty sure the highlight of his trip was his first full day in Canmore. I am moving up (slowly) in the work world and I am now the Coordinator for the Haig Glacier. That means I organize the camp schedule, get waivers signed and the best part of all, get to play with helicopters every Monday!! I take all the food and bags and load them into nets to be flown into the glacier. Anyway, back on track, my dads first day in town also happened to be my first training day and he was allowed to come along for the ride! Below is a video I quickly put together of the trip. (Warning, there is no dialogue, and for those that have been up to the Glacier, it will be 5:00 of shaky video footage of the Glacier and surrounding areas, BUT, for all those who haven’t had a chance to go up there, it should give you a pretty good idea of how amazing it is!) ENJOY!
Father in flight.
Two pumped dudes! 

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