D-pole test (8/31)

Sverre CaldwellAugust 31, 2011

We are pretty lucky for many reasons.

At school, we weathered the storm without much damage while the valley towns were devastated. This weekend we plan to take the school out to help with neighboring communities.
On the training side, we are lucky to have a group of very talented alums who train with us on a regular basis. Today we had Andy Newell and Skyler Davis (both USST), Sophie C, Isabel C. and Heather Mooney (all World Jr Team members) and Austinx2 join us. Andy, Skyler and Sophie have all podiumed at US Sr Nationals, Izzy and Heather have won at Jr Nationals, etc… pretty heady stuff 🙂
Today we skied our d-pole test and had lots of PR’s. Obviously all roller skis are different speeds, but most of ours are pretty close and when kids set PR’s with the same skis, then we are moving in the right direction.
Andy and Sophie showed our current kids that we have some work to do, but….we’re not panicking because, as I mentioned, almost everyone set PR’s.
Check out the pictures, then see the times below :).

Anika is all smiles. Apparently she is already getting used to the higher humidity.

Paddy, Skyler and Sophie.

Post d-pole test everyone did a bit of single pole work and then we practiced finishes.

Here are two groups rounding the last corner into an uphill finish.

Heather, Sophie and Gino.

tess leads the charge with Mollie and Mackenzie in hot pursuit.

Matt talks turkey.

Anika, Izzy and Brooke.

2 waves of skiers attack the final hill.

Charlie, Austin, Nick and Calvin.

Skyler, Hamish, Tyler, Paddy and Austin Cobb.
D-pole Test times:
Andy 3:24
Paddy 4:04
Hamish 4:08
Nick 4:09
Tyler 4:09
A Cobb 4:11
JAC 4:15
Charlie 4:29
Calvin 4:36
Corky 4:37
Gino 4:38
Mac 4:42
Sophie 4:26
Izzy C 4:51
Brooke 4:57
Issy P 5:07
Anika 5:07
Mollie 5:48
Tess 6:04
Kate 6:05
Mackenzie 7:05

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Sverre Caldwell

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