D-pole test (August)

Sverre CaldwellAugust 9, 2011

We had our monthly d-pole test this morning and it went well. There was a little tailwind and that combined with slow conditions for our two previous tests, helped almost everyone to new personal records on the 1.4 km uphill.

Why did he have us take off our skis?

To see what is a stronger motion, poling with straight arms, or with bent arms. And..with a straight back or with slightly rolled shoulders.

Continue warm-up for the uphill d-pole test.

Part of our warm up included practicing sprint starts.

Poppet gives the “young guns” instruction on pacing and technique for the double pole test.

For the double pole test, Fritz was the pace setter with Bridger and Austin Caldwell in hot pursuit. Skiers started at 15 second intervals.

Here are the times for the boys (I do not feel like formatting in the old times so you’ll have to check back to the July 7th blog to see old times).

Fritz 3:45

Bridger 3:50

JAustin 4:04

Austin 4:08

Koby 4:45

Sam 5:21

Ben 6:08

Russell 6:47

Sophie 4:28

Izzy C 4:50

Cam 4:54

Ellery 4:54

Gage 5:03

Keely 5:05

Issy P 5:12

Anya 5:14

Hallie 5:38

Chloe 6:10

Katharine 6:10

Pippin 6:30

Mackenzie 6:55

Tess 7:03

Alex 7:27

We ended the workout with team sprint relays. The older kids had to do 6 laps and the younger kids 4 laps, alternating single pole and double pole laps. Each lap was about 600 meters long and there were some tired upper bodies by the end (that was the goal). The young team of Chloe and Mackenzie brought home the win!

Good day. Lots of PR’s on the d-pole test and everyone got in a good specific strength workout.

Sverre Caldwell

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