Justin Freeman and Sophie Caldwell Win SMS Mtn Run

Sverre CaldwellAugust 20, 2011

Cool course data from the Timex Global Trainer GPS watch
1.95 mi long climb
Start elevation: 2162 ft
Finish elevation: 3903 ft

We had our mountain run today and pre-race favorite Justin Freeman charged up for the victory. He was just off of his PR from 2 years ago AND he was challenged (see above) by….!

Calvin was our runner of the day setting a Jr record with a blazing time of 21:11.

The course starts at the bottom of the gondola and goes up under the gondola until it hits the work road…we follow the work road to the top. The course is 1.95 miles long and gains 1750′ in elevation.

Paddy rounded out the podium.

Austin Cobb.

Fritz, Sidney, Brian and Tyler.

Gavin, Marco, Max and Nate.

Koby, Hamish and Spencer.

Sophie was the girls winner…

But Issy and Hallie set PR’s.

Julia, Rachel and Charlotte.

Katharine smoked the climb.

Hank and Ainara.

Emily and Sienna.

Alma and Tess.

Emma and Anna.

Clara, Emma S and Pip.

Thomas and Elise.


Right about now, these kids are wondering where the top is!

Katie and Lily finish well.

Happy campers!

Easy way down.

Thanks to Power Bar for sponsoring us and providing bars for the camp.

All smiles… job well done and a Power Bar recovery snack!

Stretching out before lunch.

Here are the times.
Justin 20:47
Calvin 21:11
Paddy 23:12
A Cobb 24:37
Fritz 25:10
Sidney 25:12
Austin 25:16
Tyler 25:27
Sam 25:38
Brian 26:18
Josh 26:22
Marco 26:44
Gavin 26:51
Nate 27:05
Matt B 27:23
Max 27:34
Koby 27:46
Hamish 27:47
Spencer 28:16
Peter 28:31
Jake 28:40
Sophie 29:14
Hallie and Issy P 29:18
George 30:07
Kate 30:26
Heather 30:34
Chris 30:50
Brenna 30:55
Alex 31:01
Katharine 31:07
Cambria 31:21
Cally 31:32
Charlotte 31:35
Izzy 31:36
Julia 32:01
Cate 32:16
Graham 32:27
Rachel 32:29
Seth 32:50
Anthony 34:14
Noah 34:37
Hank 34:37
Ainara 34:58
Brooke 35:49
Leah 37:11
Sienna 37:21
Rebecca 37:43
Emily 38:05
Tess and Alma 38:11
Emma H 38:20
Anna 38:20
Pippin 38:37
Clara 38:39
Emma S 40:26
Thomas 40:38
Elise 40:41
Lizzie 41:32
Ana 42:22
Lea 42:23
Leena 44:35
Linnea 46:03
Lily and Katie 46:29

Sverre Caldwell

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