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Avatar Sverre CaldwellAugust 2, 2011

This is the one week of the year that our SMS coaches take a break and do not coach. But…that does not mean that the athletes stop doing their thing. We have a bunch of athletes out and about, while others continue to train close to home.

Here is a quick update from some of the travelers:

Sophie just finished a two week camp in Alaska with the US women’s team and a couple of Canadian women. The camp included 1 week of dryland and 1 week on the glacier. All accounts point to a very successful camp. For pictures, go to the USSA facebook page.

Andy and Skyler are in New Zealand with the US men’s team. Skiing looks fabulous (hard wax for kick). Click here to see a speed session that they did yesterday. Andy and Skyler (big one) in front with Kris F. and Tad.

Hamish, Tyler, Brooke and Anika are in Sun Valley at the National J2 camp. Weather looks great and that should be loads of fun.

ALSO… the USST Women’s Video Challenge just ended. Congratulations to Stillwater for getting the most votes! Hopefully you all have had a chance to view most of the videos. There were 24 videos submitted and they are all fun to watch. Go to the Youtube and type in USST Women’s video challenge and you should be able to see them. Two of my favorites, CXC and APU didn’t even make the final 5. Watch them all and get psyched! Thanks to all of the SMS supporters, we had over 2,000 people view our video! It is great to see so many training groups getting after it this summer.



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Sverre Caldwell

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