Combi OD

Sverre CaldwellSeptember 17, 2011

This morning we headed out for a combi OD. With temps around 40, it was a perfect fall morning. We started with a 1-1:15 classic ski and then changed into running gear and ran/hiked up over the mountain. Since it is the weekend, we were treated to a gondola ride down and we made it back just in time for lunch.

The workout was a good way to finish off a good solid week of training. Now everyone has 1 1/2 days off to recover.
Russell B looking good.
Alex and Pip.
Kate cruises up the hill.
The group at abour :45.
After climbing uo through the town of Stratton, everyone got to d-pole up on top near Grout Pond.
Poppet and the winter term kids head off on their run/hike.
Coming in for the exchange.

Heading out for the run…

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Sverre Caldwell

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