First Days in Italy

EvanSeptember 17, 2011
Hello from Mals, Italy … well actually the Innsbruck Airport.  We are here to pick up Hans Halvorsen after his NEG Camp in LAke Placid last week.  Mals is a quite small town and the internet is a scarce commodity.  At first we thought it was funny when they told us that the internet “has been struck by lightning,” but we are starting to feel a little isolated.  They promise it will be fixed soon and then we will ply you with some great pics.  Below is some of the first days.

Here is the gang outside of our Hotel as we arrived on Tuesday.  Travel was exceptionally smooth and we made it from campus to hotel in 20 hours.  We also found our favorite Frenchman for a little biathlon training.  The group has been spirited and energetic.  Today is the fifth day we have been here and we are taking a well deserved rest day.

The view from the hotel parking lot — one of the high peaks of Italy peaks from behind the hill in the center right.  The hotel is at 1000 meters — the peak is nearly 4000 meters.

Antoine and a cow during our hike up the “hill of the town,” the Spitzig Lun.  2329 meters.

Keeping an eye on the heart rates as we ascend.

There was a track, but we wandered through open meadows and wooded areas.

We had some amazing evening light — with beams cutting through the clouds and valleys.

A neat perspective on our summit bid — we pushed the pace a little for a few minutes so we could make our dinner on time.

Ryley up top.

Most of the prominent peaks have crosses perched at their peaks.

Getting a little artsy — but you can get the feeling of the group’s mood — soaring.

A little mountain top interview — we promise a great post camp video.

Heidi and MK starting the descent.  A little over two hours up and just an hour down — and yes the quads are still a bit sore.

Looking down into the valley floor.

A lot more coming — Gunnar promises the internet has been fixed!!


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