GMVS XC Ski Team 2011-09-02 07:57:00

EvanSeptember 2, 2011
After Hurricane Irene, GMVS took some time off from classes to help with the clean-up. We worked at Bridge St., on German Flats, and at several farms in the valley. MK brought her camera down to Flatbread, which was inundated by the flooded Mad River on Sunday.

The flooded basement of Flatbread looks pretty ominous.

Undeterred, GMVS descends on the clean-up site. Many hands make light work!

Dev didn’t think MK was dirty enough.

Our crew brought a lot of optimism to a tough job.

The river was so high for so long that it deposited hundreds of tons of sand and silt on the floodplain.

MK hangs with her alpine friends as the Mad continues to churn in the background.

A good few days of work made an enormous difference. It was great to help out!

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