Moving Planet Day on the Stelvio Glacier, Italy

FasterSkierSeptember 24, 2011
It was Moving Planet Day today, and we celebrated the cause by going skiing on a shrinking glacier in Italy. Opportunities like this one will become increasingly rare in the world unless we can commit to change worldwide. And this day—perfect on-snow skiing in September—shows us why such change is so important.
What a perfect day!

The first classic ski of the year was a great one: perfect kick on Rex Blue and Violet. 
A meter of new snow fell earlier this week, so we could ski at 8900 feet today: 1600 feet lower than the top of the glacier where we skied last week. The sun was shining and spirits were high.

You can’t really beat that view.
Dev takes a moment to reflect on how much fun he’s having.

Heidi and MK cruised around all day: early frustrations with the transition to snow were quickly forgotten. It’s pretty easy to see why.
Look at that smile!
Hans and Kaitlin taking in the scene: the entire Italian national team was skiing here today. It was pretty cool to ski behind Olympic and World Champions.
Ryley skied some laps with a Swiss Junior skier. The international experience has been a huge part of this trip for the students and the coaches.
10 years ago, speed skiers attained 207 kilometers/hr straight down this slope. Coach Beckwith handled it with ease himself, topping out at an estimated 40km/hr.


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