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Pate NeumannSeptember 24, 2011
This post has been a long time coming! After our return from Ontario, things got a little hectic around Canmore with big training weeks, camping adventures (next post!) and shutting down the Haig for the season. Now that all that is done, I have found a second to update everyone on the last month.
If we go all the way back to mid August, the AWCA was in Whistler for a two week training camp. Whistler was amazing, it was great to get back to some of my favourite training spots and even explore some new hidden gems!
So now you would probably expect me to go into detail about the wicked trip back to Ontario Emma and I had at the beginning of September. You see, the funny thing is I just spent the last hour and a half doing that and when I hit “publish post” I didn’t realize my computer had lost its internet connection  and I was brought to “the blank page of extreme frustration.”
So now this update is going to be a photo montage of the last month. I will let the pictures do the talking with some captions underneath to string things together!

Emma Lodge, mountain biker extraordinaire.

Emma Lodge, motorcycle extraordinaire.
Subway to downtown Toronto! Emma’s first time in the front car. COOL!
CN Tower!

Glass floor!

WALL-E came!

Tour of Caledon on the mountain bike in the bright sunshine! Belfountain conservation area!

The badlands!

Fishing and Kayaking in the Credit River

Hiding from the rain under a huge willow tree.

Camping in the old Westy at Cyprus Lake in the Bruce Peninsula National Park
Running the Bruce Trail from Tobermory south
Some incredible water, rocky beaches and rock formation.

Looking out over Georgian Bay.

Cave exploring!

The “Grotto”
Inside the Grotto!

Finally returning to the van after a long day of running and biking.
Sunset on the beach!


Rowing with my grandmother and my moms new dog “Pebble” back home in Caledon.

Heading back to Calgary after a supper fun trip!
Flying a snowmobile out of the back of the truck and into the Haig.

Blue Rodeo in Banff with the Lodges!

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