Speeding it Up

lizkantackSeptember 26, 2011

This morning we did some classic starts, speeds, and finishes at the Sun Bowl. Lots of good improvements all around as we worked on being fast off the line, finding good body position for double pole and fighting all the way to the finish. Most sprints were run in 4-6 rounds so you could fine tune your approach and duke it out with a teammate or two several times. Andy and Skyler trained with us this morning – always great to have them around and raising the bar.

Boys warm up – Hamish, Charlie, Mac, Tyler, Calvin & Gino.
Murph, going for it.
Charlie vs Gino.
Andy catches some air.

Paddy vs. Andy.
Tess, Kate, and Rizzo were tightly packed today.
Tyler and Calvin.
Anika and Issy looked strong and smooth.
Revived Films, hard at work in front of the camera.
Skyler and Andy.
Getting forward. Doesn’t get much better than that.
Skyler leads Charlie and Mac.
Issy & Anika.
Kate, Tess and Mackenzie.
Roommates battle it out.

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