App Gap Double Pole in Fall Glory

EvanOctober 11, 2011
It was another sensational day in the Valley, so we decided to go somewhere with a view. We settled on App Gap, and decided to double pole. Not a bad way to get some muscles burning! We’ve got a few kids on the hurt/sick list, so it was a small crew today. What we lacked in numbers we made up for in strength: that’s a big hill!
Ryley gets it going on the flats before the road pitches up: this workout always ends up being faster than we expect.
MK and Heidi cruise through the flats. The girls double poled up to the base of Mad River, then double pole kicked from there. 
Dev broke a pole tip later on, but here he’s enjoying the sunshine and some nice warm weather glide.

Pretty soon this thing gets steep.

Ryley admits he might have started a little hard: first time double poling the gap on Marwes was harder than doing it on his old rocket skis.

Dev switches to one-pole mode, but keeps going undeterred.
(while MK crushes the pavement behind him)
MK battles the red truck up to Mad River.
Heidi getting in a good forward position, falling on those poles.

Ryley smashed his way up to the top, and arrived early enough to enjoy the view.

Something wasn’t quite right…
Ouch! The perils of double poling.
 MK nears the top and opens it up.
 Ryley cheers her over the top. Nice teamwork!
 Dev strides off the edge of the world.
 And Heidi is swallowed up by the view: the leaves are just starting to pop in Vermont.

The stalwart crew is all smiles post-DP. Nice job by all.

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