XCFeedsOctober, Nationals, and Lake Placid

Since we have been back from Summer Grand Prix, Our team has been pretty busy with preparing for nationals and going to Lake Placid, New york for our annual Flaming leaves competition.

First I had a small camp in Steamboat, I was happy to go to this camp, as I haven’t been home in a couple month. It was nice to see the family, but It was mostly business and training while I was there. I saw some very positive results in the cross country. We have been doing the same time trial for many years now, I knew I was in good form coming off summer competitions. I was surprised to when I set a course record on the brutally hard course. I bettered my previous time by more than 30 seconds which is pretty large.

After Steamboat our team headed to Chicago for U.S. Nordic Combined and Small Hill Nationals. About 40 minutes out of the city, Fox Rive Grove has a k70 meter and a club Called Norge. I was very excited as I had a good chance at the National title. Unfortunately I didn’t have a stellar jump and I started to far back for the podium, But on the bright side my cross country fitness is improving even more as I produced the fastest time in a solid field.

After Chicago was Lake Placid. Every year we go to Lake Placid in the fall for an intensity camps and a couple jumping competitions. It is beautiful at this time and training was great. I started to jump better and felt very good in intervals. Lake Placid was nice because all you can think about is training and you are able to limit all distractions.

Up now:
I have just over a month till the first competitions of the year in Kuusamo, Finland. Until then we will take a couple more jumping sessions and finalize the cross country shape for the winter. Recovery will be a  important part of these next couple weeks. Also I will look forward to taking the first jumps on snow hopefully in a couple weeks, as well as getting getting on cross country skis as soon as possible.

Check back soon.




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November 21, 2012


November 21, 2012