BNS Announces New Stone Grind Naming System and New Grinds for 2011-2012

FasterSkierOctober 25, 2011


Boulder Nordic Sport's Nathan Schultz.

Boulder, CO – Boulder Nordic Sport (BNS) has announced a new naming system for their line of stone grinds and the official addition of three new structure patterns. With the exception of the new grinds, the grind structure patterns are not changing, but their names have been replaced by a simplified system designed to clarify how each grind relates to temperature, snow crystal type and moisture content.

“I’m excited about our new grind names,” says BNS owner Nathan Schultz. “We’ve replaced confusing codes with a simple numbering system that makes it easy to understand each grind’s characteristics and allows skiers and coaches to easily compare grinds relative to each other just by looking at their names.”

Each of the new names begins with either an “S” or “C” to designate skate or classic, followed by two numbers separated by a decimal point. The first digit corresponds to moisture and temperature range, with dry/cold at the bottom of the scale “0” and wet/warm at the top “5”. The second digit corresponds to snow type, ranging from new/sharp “0” to transformed/rounded “5.” For example: a cold, dry skating grind would be called an S0.1 and a warm, wet classic grind would be called a C5.4.

In addition to the new naming system, BNS continues to develop and test new grind structures. After extensive testing last season, the grind menu now includes S0.1 (formerly LS00), designed for use in extreme cold and dry conditions, S1.2 (formerly S1-0x), for a specific range of moderate cold “blue” conditions, and the S2.2 (S2-1x),

the most diverse grind that BNS introduces for the 2011-2012 season. This grind works well in a broad range of conditions if the snow does not become too saturated. The S2.2 is an excellent universal grind.

For more information on the new naming system, new grinds and new grind menus; see


About Boulder Nordic Sport

Boulder Nordic Sport is the leading cross-country ski racing source in the United States. With stores in Boulder, Colorado and Portland, Maine; BNS also operates a mobile race service trailer that travels to events around the US as well as an e-commerce web site at BNS imports and distributes the SkiGo, Holmenkol, Guru, Innovax, Gallium and Magnar brands in the USA.


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