FasterSkier First Tracks Photo Contest!

FasterSkierOctober 28, 2011

We’re pumped for snow. The first flakes are flying all over the Rockies, and Alaska has been gloating about powder for weeks already (and all summer, but glacial slush that never melts doesn’t count). Canada’s even gone and unleashed a stockpiled mixture of ice and thunder. And as of today, even New England can claim skiable snow.

Send us the best photo of one of your first skis of the season, and have a chance to be a champion – or at least win some prizes.

Theme: First Tracks

We know the first thing you do every winter when the snow finally flies is take a picture to make your friends jealous. Now you can win stuff for it too! The requirements are pretty loose — if you’re on skis and there’s snow on the ground, it’s game. You don’t even need to be in the picture, but there had better be some ski tracks.

First Prize: FastWax glide wax
Second Prize: FasterSkier Sporthill hoodie
Third Prize: Skadi bootmate

Email you entry to Please include the date of the photo, the location, your name and shipping address in case you win.

Deadline for submissions is November 12th.

Just to get you going here are a few shots from today in Western Massachusetts.

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