Feeding Time

FasterSkierNovember 24, 2011

Again this year, the ‘groom-box’ is back on the Goat Creek Trail in Mazama.       For the past 10 years or so, I’ve kept a box at the side of the ski trail, behind our house, with treats for the groomer.    Usually a few cookies; but sometimes there are surprises.  When we moved from our old house a few years ago, the groom-box moved with us.

Treat the groomer well.   Early season snow on the Goat Creek Trail.

Grooming is off to an early start this year.  The trails saw the Pisten-Bully for the first time yesterday, after being rolled out with a snowmobile for a few days.    The MVSTA trails are now officially open for the season!

When the red flag is up on the trailside box, it certainly gets the attention of the groomer and hopefully the sugar keeps them alert as they lay the carefully carved corduroy.    This ski season is off to a great early start in the Methow Valley.