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Frank LNovember 24, 2011
A snowy November morning in front of Cyclova XC, in downtown St. Croix Falls, WI.
Cyclova XC, Inc opened a new bicycle, xc ski, and trail run store in beautiful downtown St. Croix Falls, WI on October 1, 2011.
We are located in beautiful downtown St. Croix Falls, WI, about a 50 minute drive from Minneapolis in the beautiful upper St. Croix River Valley, and the gateway to northern Wisconsin’s plethora of silent sport opportunities.  This area is a literal playground for cyclists, xc skiers, and trail runners – with a world class network of trails for our customers to enjoy!  With three wineries, great coffee shops, shopping, theater, bed & breakfasts, and camping (at one of 3 state parks within 8 miles) within a 5 minute walk of downtown there is plenty to do after you’re done with your ride, run, or ski.

In short, Cyclova XC is a community of silent sport enthusiasts; where athletes and enthusiasts come to purchase their equipment, have it serviced by experts, learn, and enjoy their craft.

Inside Cyclova XC, you’ll find 3000 square feet of the best assortment of XC Skis, Bicycles, and Trail Running equipment in the US.  All presented in a clean welcoming art gallery type atmosphere!

It is our goal to provide Cyclova XC customers an enjoyable & clean shopping experience at Cyclova XC.  It is our opinion that most bike and ski shops are cluttered, confusing, and lack expert service.  Friendly, expert service for our customers is always the priority at Cyclova XC.  At  Cyclova XC, you will find the best bikes, xc skis, and shoes, and accessories presented as we believe they were meant to be presented – as art!  In addition to presenting our products as art, we also feature rotating art exhibits throughout our store – to add to the experience.

Cyclova XC features select XC skis from the top 4 brands on the planet, along with expert service:  Rossignol, Salomon, Madshus, and Fischer!

Providing all of our customers expert advice (whether you’re a first timer or an Olympian), is at the core of our being.  Every bike, ski, boot, ski pole, shoe, and other technical piece of equipment is carefully fit to each customer.  If the product doesn’t fit the customer and their needs, we simply won’t sell it to that customer.  Equipment fitting optimally is always the most important factor in enjoying your bike, xc ski, and running experience – and we’re here to make certain that happens.
We believe that servicing the products we sell is as important (maybe even more so) than selling the product in the first place.  At Cyclova XC, we offer a full range of bike service – from flat tire changes to custom bike builds, from tune ups to wheel building.  On the ski service side of things, we offer a full range of waxing services – but are best known for our world class xc ski Stonegrinding and Race Prep Thermo Treatment (hot boxing).  You can depend on Cyclova XC to service your xc skis and bicycles at the same level that the US Ski Team members, factory team members, and other elite racers depend on us for!

Cyclova XC Co-Owner is among the most experienced XC Ski Technicians in the country.  You’ll also find the most advanced XC Ski specific ski

Cyclova XC was launched in August of 2009 as a bike & ski team with a daily updated blog.  Here is the story on the name Cyclova XC. The founders and now co-owners of Cyclova XC (Frank Lundeen & Ben Jonjak) launched Cyclova XC with the simple goal of having fun with our sports and building community around them.  When we started the Riverbrook Nordic Ski Team and Leinenkugel’s Bike Team in the 90’s, we had a similar goal – and now this simple goal is again thriving with the Cyclova XC Team.   After more than 2 years of rapid growth & a global audience viewing daily, selling over 150 team bike and ski kits, and suggestions from many folks that we open a store – we have done so.  For the full history on the progression toward the opening of our store, CLICK HERE.

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