Massage Therapy For Racers at Silver Star!

FasterSkierNovember 30, 2011

Do you ever get frustrated traveling on the race circuit, being so far away from your massage therapist and surefire recovery from hard efforts?

My fiance, Alison Hanks, LMP, is offering special rates on massage therapy to athletes for the upcoming races next weekend in Silver Star, B.C. Alison specializes in deep tissue and sports massage, and has the ability to give you the best and most effective massage you have ever had. Perfect for post-race recovery!


15min: $20
30min: $35
60min: $60

Check out her website here:

Massage will be available by appointment from Thursday, December 8th to Sunday, December 10th. You can either email Alison at, or call her at 509 341 9097

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