Short Post On Slovenia And Czech Republic

JoranNovember 11, 2011

I had hoped to have actual racing to write about by this week, but as we all know the snow situation in Europe hasn’t been cooperating. Hopefully we’ll finally get some racing done this weekend.

In the meantime, everyone keeps writing their little nation previews. FasterSkier’s piece on Slovenia mentioned an up and coming junior with the impressive sounding name of Rok Trsan. How are his FIS points compared to future WC top ten finishers at his age?

A little better than average for distance events, not so much with the sprinting. Although at this age, particularly with sprint points, it can be hard to read much into this.

As for the Czech’s, as usual I’m more interested in the folks not named Lukas Bauer:

I left Ondrej Horyna off this graph as he simply has too few races to be worth looking at. Jiri Magal has been on a slow decline, which is natural for older skiers. He did have fewer truly terrible races last season, which helped improve his median result a bit. Looking back at his career, I’d love to ask him what happened between 2001 and 2002. He was definitely progressing in the wrong direction and just turned everything around. Well done!

Everyone else here has been seeing a mostly even trend. Janeckova flirts with ok-ness every now and then. Kozisek had a particularly poor year last year. And Nyvltova put together two, consistent seasons in a row, but her best results remain fairly average.

Hopefully after the weekend I’ll have some actual racing to write about…

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