Craftsbury Snowmaking: a classic day on the race loop

EvanDecember 13, 2011
Hans described it best when he said it was like skiing at a world cup venue: dirt and moss in the woods, but a foot of snow on the trail. We can’t say enough about the job that the Craftsbury snowmakers are doing: the 1.5 km race loop is ready to go and they are still working.

We had good tracks all the way around today, and skied on race skis without doing any damage.

Alum David Sinclair is on break from Dartmouth, and will be joining us this week. It’s always fun to have David around!

The workout today was loop specific: we did a progression beginning with no pole (4 loops), then 1 pole (2 loops each pole), then exclusively double pole (2 loops). We finished the structured workout with three timed loops—one at levels 1,2, and 3—to work on pacing. Here Hans strides it out up the big climb in L2.

Fitzy finishes up her L2 lap in the field.

Eventually the sun came out and the track started warming up, but we had great kick for the whole morning. MK strides up the final climb into the field.

Heidi finishes her L3 loop while David tries desperately to get in the photo.

Dev’s tongue has become almost as blog-popular as Dev himself.

Fitzy was all smiles in the sun: we’re lucky to be on manmade snow, but we’re still hoping for the real deal!

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