Round and Round

Sverre CaldwellDecember 26, 2011

A bunch of us showed up at Grafton for a ski today. The conditions are good, but limited. The little, flat loops encourage group skiing, so that is what we did. I guess it was alumni day, above are Gage, Cambria and Heather.
Parker and Sophie enjoyed their ski and then hammered on each other a bit with some speeds.
Tess has recovered enough from her “walking pnemonia” to get out and ski. Needless to say, she is happy.
A good group from the local BKL program, West River, were out charging around.
Issy, Megan, Gage and Cambria.
Yup…skiing is pretty good, but a bit limited.

Tomorrow we are meeting at 9 am for some skate intervals. Time to start gearing up for Nationals!

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Sverre Caldwell

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