Classic 5/10 at Youth Olympic Games

Sverre CaldwellJanuary 17, 2012

We had another beautiful day for skiing in Seefeld. The forcast was for temps dipping to -25C so yesterday they decided to delay the start until 10 am. The forcast was wrong so the wax techs had to scramble a bit this morning, but having warmer temps (into the 20’s) was nice for everyone other than the “techs.”
Heather had a strong race and finished in 13th place. She had the good experience of following the girl who finished 4th for about a km and learned that she needs to improve her uphill skiing. Heather didn’t have bomber kick and that hurt a little too.
Heather tucks down the hill from the stadium.

Oh yea, Scott.
Paddy skied a strong race and placed 16th. I think that Norway was the only country to place two skiers in front of him.

The boys had 3 laps of a 3.3 km course so there was plenty of action. Each lap was rolling terrain with one killer climb followed by a steep downhill. The climb was only about 90 seconds long, but it started with a herringbone section and then leveled to just plain steep…
At the finish. The Russians won both golds (congratulations to them) and a Japenese boy finished 2nd. No medals for Scandinavia which was a suprise to me.
Time to replentish at the food tent. Several kins of pasta and potatoes…I guess they know that carbos are important.
Heading to the bus and “home”… temps now around freezing 🙂
Quiet after the storm.
It is still an amazing view.
We go on a 10 minute bus ride to “Congress” for lunch and dinner. At Congress, there are also many activities for the athletes. One of the goals is to increase global awareness so there are many different exhibits.

Sign up!
Workshops are offered.
Here are the two views from outside Congress….

The Hungary kids gather around the coin smasher.

Our sprint race on Thursday will not start until 3:45 pm, so we will ski tomorrow afternoon. The forcast is calling for a snow/rain mix so I’m happy that it is a skate race!

Sverre Caldwell

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