Great skiing for GMVS at Trapps

EvanJanuary 12, 2012
It was a beautiful cold day at Trapps, and we got in some great skating yesterday in the sunshine. 
 It’s nice to start getting back in a rhythm of training after the week of racing at nationals… and great to be on real snow and a trail network! There isn’t much snow anywhere, but there’s enough to ski on up at Trapps.
 Today we did some dynamic drills to work on balance and commitment to each ski. Dev here is actually hopping up and down on one leg, but I couldn’t catch him mid-jump.
Reuniting with Hans has been awesome!

He’s got a wild side.

Hans and Ryley worked on balance before Hans peeled off to do some skate intervals.

Pretty great skiing available.

Justin demonstrates that the snow is deep enough even off the trail: this is a big deal after all the time we’ve spent on man-made loops at Rumford and Craftsbury.

Got the band back together.

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