YOGames (skiing at Seefeld)

Sverre CaldwellJanuary 12, 2012

You’ll have to get used to this picture; it’s what I see every morning when I wake up. Innsbruck is in a long valley with impressive mountains on either side. These are the mountains more to the south west. The morning sun is just hitting the peaks.
This morning we had a “spirited” breakfast (some people were rushing and there was a line). The breakfast tent is right behind our apartment building so it is handy. Breakfast was very good. We then hopped on a bus and took the 40 minute drive up to Seefeld.

Driving up, the temps were hovering around freezing so we worried a bit about waxing for kick, but the venue is nestled up against mountains (to it’s east) so we were in shade and had cooler temps. We waxed in the extra blue range and had good skis.
Our courses stay near the stadium (which is also the jump outrun) so no loop is longer than 3.3 km. There is one big hill about 1 km out and the rest of the course is pretty gentle.
Here is the town of Seefeld.
As always, you can click on any picture to enlarge it.
This picture is taken from our bus stop, looking up at the stadium.
Just another day in paradise. We skied for 1.5 hours and then headed back down to Innsbruck for lunch.
I wish we could send some of this white stuff back to the US!
Everything is centered around the stadium. We will be having Jump, Nordic Combined, Biathlon and XC Skiing races all here so the schedule is quite busy. All of the US teams are sharing a wax room so we spent some time this morning getting it all organized. Luckily the coaches from the other disciplines are nice and reasonable so we will not be fighting over space.
Yup…I like the mountains :).
Here are the hockey players having a team meeting before lunch.
This is the dining hall (sorry it’s out of focus). We come here for lunch and dinner. They also have a food tent up in Seefeld for lunch. On Saturday we will probably do a double workout so we will stay there for lunch.
Paddy’s lunch tray (out of focus again).
This is the US/Canada building. Heather is in the room with the flag on the upper right. I am on the other side (so I get the view).
Each building has team flags hanging from it. You need to go through security to get in the village, but once you’re in, you are free to roam around.
This afternoon we are going for a short run and this evening we have a welcoming ceremony. Tomorrow evening is the opening ceremony and then we get busy. It is good that we got here a couple of days early so we can figure things out and get used to European time.

Sverre Caldwell

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