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Avatar Lenny ValjasJanuary 16, 2012
World Cup action was back under way this weekend for me in Milano, Italy. The race venue was really cool. The races were held right downtown near the city centre inside the walls of an old castle. It was two laps of a small and flat 625 meter course. The weather was amazing all weekend. Overnight the temperature would go just below zero which helped firm up the track, and in the day time the sun was shining and the temperature was around 5.

I felt like I had a really solid qualifier and finally broke my curse and made it into the heats in a city sprint. I qualified in 17th for the afternoon heats. 
I had one of the best heats of my life. I was feeling really good and was skiing in 2nd most of the way. Coming into the last 50 meters, the leader Josef Wenzel started to drift to the left and took the lane that I was planning on taking into the finish. I ended up being stuck between Wenzel and Eirik Brandsdal with no lane to ski in. I had to let up and try and make a quick move behind Wenzel and pass on the right but there was no chance. After skiing 95% of the heat perfectly I got caught up in this mess. As it turns out, Brandsdal and Wenzel ended up winning the race finishing 1st and 2nd overall. I ended up finishing 14th. I was happy with my race, I know I am in great shape and can’t wait for the next race. 
In other news, Chandra and Peri raced in the team sprint the next day and absolutely killed it out there and finished in 3rd!!!! It was one of the most exciting races that I have ever seen, so much broken equipment and lead changes. Two North American teams ended up on the podium, the Americans Kikkan and Jessie finished the day in 2nd! Congrats to all four girls!!
After the race we drove up to Toblach/Dobiacco to meet up with Alex, Devon and Louis. We will be training there until Wednesday, then it is off to the grandmother land… ESTONIA!! 
I’m excited for this race, I have a good feeling about this sprint coming up.

L-R Eirik Brandsdal, Josef Wenzel, me!



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